Habitat Enrichment Projects

East Lexington Habitat Enrichment Project (ELHEP)

ELHEP is a new initiative, under the auspices of the East Lexington Community Association, to enhance the natural environment in our neighborhood. In East Lexington, we live surrounded by two wonderful natural areas in the Arlington Great Meadows and the Arlington Reservoir. These natural areas are full of birds and other wildlife, which are fun to observe there and in our yards.

These natural areas are also, unfortunately, under threat from multiple invasive plant species which are crowding out the native plants and the insects these wildlife need for food. These invasive plants have also made it into our yards at home.

What’s happening at Cataldo Reservation?

The Lexington Conservation Commission has approved a pilot program at Cataldo Reservation for invasive plant management which includes planting native plants. The purpose of planting natives is to diversify the native habitat at Cataldo for supporting wildlife, and to suppress the seed bank of invasive plant species from sprouting. The long-term aim is to provide a model for restoring adjacent natural areas and others conservation areas in Lexington. As you walk along the trail at Cataldo from Bow St. you will see  numbered stakes which divide the 145′ planting area into 10′ sections to record the progress of native plantings and the suppression of invasive species. This will be a multi-year project. See if you can detect any changes!

The East Lexington Community Association has agreed to finance some of the cost of planting, as well as act as a repository for any private donations or future grant funds for this purpose.

How can you contribute to this effort?

At home:



In our wild areas:


For questions or more information email us at:  ELHEPinfo@gmail.com