East Village Attractions


  • ACROSS Lexington – walks designed to Access Conservation land, Recreation areas, Open space, Schools and Streets in Lexington.  Click here for the app to help guide you!
  • Lexington Conservation Land
    • Daisy Wilson Meadow,
    • Dunback Meadow,
    • Joyce Miller’s Meadow,
    • Liberty Heights,
    • Sutherland Woods,
    • West Farm,
    • Whipple Hill
    • Arlington Reservoir:  Lexington’s largest body of water (owned by Arlington), adjacent to Rindge Park and the Community Farm, enjoyed for bird watching, nature walks, swimming and canoeing.
    • Great Meadows: 183 acres of wildlife, hiking, cross country skiing, and nature walks.


  • The Stone Building (1833):  Built by Eli Robbins as a meeting hall where abolitionists and transcendentalists were permitted freedom of speech in Lexington
  • Robbins Cemetery:  17th century burial ground for Eli Robbins and the Winship clan, Lexington’s earliest landowners.
  • Follen Community Church (1840):  Octagonal church designed and founded by abolitionist pastor, Charles Follen.
  • Wilson Farm (1884):  A working farm of 33 acres, a remnant of the 18th century Brown Farm.
  • Lexington Community Center, 39 Marrett Rd. – a community space that provides programming and activity space for residents
  • Lexington Community Farm, 52 Lowell St. – a community-based farm where area residents will come to learn about and enjoy food, farming, and nature.
  • Museum of Our National Heritage, 33 Marrett Rd. – exhibitions and programs on a wide variety of topics in American history and popular culture.