ELCA History



Founded in 1987, the ELCA is a group of citizens who came together to improve the quality of life in Lexington Precincts 1 & 2, the historic East Village.  Our concerns are the preservation of open land, beautification, public safety, historic preservation, advocacy, delivery of Town services and, most importantly, community building.  We work to improve communication among residents, Town officials, and local businesses.

Membership is open to all who care about East Lexington.

Over the years, the ELCA has accomplished many things, including:

  • Initiation of the “Blooming Village” flower barrel program with local businesses
  • Support of preservation of Sutherland Park
  • Improved crosswalks and public safety
  • Curbing of illegal dumping, graffiti and vandalism
  • Support of Design Guidelines for Commercial Districts in East Lexington
  • Beautification of the district with donations of street trees
  • Advocacy for delivery of Town services to East Lexington
  • Sponsorship of history and nature walks in the East Village
  • Creating the “East Village Garden Awards”
  • Preservation of West Farm conservation land
  • Bench donation at Bow St. Park, and Bus Stop at Sacred Heart Church
  • Installation of Lexington (East Village) sign on Massachusetts Avenue at Arlington-Lexington line

And we are hoping to accomplish even more. Join us in bringing some magic to East Lexington!